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Design of Marine Systems

Developing designs for new marine vessels and their components, such as engines, pumps, and HVAC systems, to ensure they meet operational and safety standards.


Construction Supervision

Overseeing the construction of new marine vessels and structures, ensuring that the designs are followed and materials used are of high quality.


Maintenance Planning

Scheduling and conducting regular maintenance and repairs of marine vessels to ensure they operate efficiently and safely.


Troubleshooting and Repairs

Diagnosing and fixing mechanical and electrical problems in marine systems aboard ships or at marine facilities.

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Compliance with Regulations

Ensuring all operations and designs meet regulatory standards, such as those set by maritime organizations for environmental protection and safety.

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Project Management

Managing budgets, resources, and timelines for marine engineering projects, coordinating between different departments and external contractors.

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Testing Systems

Conducting tests on marine systems and structures to ensure they function properly and meet the required performance metrics.

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Propulsion Systems Management

Managing the installation and operation of propulsion systems, including traditional diesel engines or newer green technologies like hybrid or fully electric systems.

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Technical Support and Consulting

Providing technical advice and expertise to ship crews and other stakeholders on managing marine systems effectively.

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Research and Development

 Engaging in research to develop new technologies or improve existing systems, often focusing on enhancing efficiency, reducing pollution, or increasing safety in marine engineering.

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